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How do you make a pressure flaker so you can knap flint? Answered

I really want to know how to make a pressure flaker so that i can knap flint but i don't know how to.

Please help


From what I've seen, not in person, just from looking at pictures on the internet, the typical pressure flaker tool is a piece of steel nail, or copper wire, stuck into a piece of wood, typically a dowel or broomstick segment.

A screwdriver might work, although it might affect this tool's ability to turn screws later, if you bang the tip up too much.

I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but you want to wear safety glasses too, and probably leather gloves, because those little pieces of flint, obsidian, or beer bottle glass, are very sharp. 

Some links:

ive been looking around on the internet because idk how to make one either but i have found some for sale at lows and on eBay for a little over 10$

So aeray's Best Answer to your previous question didn't help? I presume you've read the book he cited; it didn't tell you how to make a pressure flaker?

No It did tell me how to use a pressure flaker

So why the new question? It told you that a pressure flaker was just a point, harder than the rock you're knapping. As Steve pointed out, if our ancestors could figure it out without help, surely you can, too.

Softer, actually, than the stone you are knapping. It needs to "bite" a bit, which is why antler and heavy-gauge copper wire work well.

Ah, you're correct! I wrote ambiguously. The flaker needs to be slightly ductile (softer) in order to bite. But it also needs to be less brittle than the stone you're flaking (which it what I had in mind when I wrote "harder"), otherwise you'll just break off the point.

Yes, "ductile" is a much better word.

Our most ancient ancestors managed to rub along and work out how to do it. Try and see what you can do.

.  Great project! I've never knapped flint, but, from what I hear, it takes a lot of practice. Be patient.
.  As others have suggested, read up on the subject and make an attempt to build a pressure flaker. If you run into problems, ask specific questions.
.  Good luck.

Ancient man use a deer antler - The point makes a good pressure flaker. You should read through the material suggested so far and watch the You tube videos on the subject.

It takes a lot of practice but i admire your intentions.