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How do you make a complicated, fully automatic pen gun that fires BB's? Answered

     Looking from all pen gun instructables, none is trully fully automatic. I came up with the idea of turning a small crank to pull the firing mechanism then release repeatedly. It's kinda' like a gatling gun.
But at my disposal are a few HBW pens and no available nor acquirable Bic pens which are wide enough for BB's. I know how to widen HBW pens for BB's but then it's labor intensive. I need another solution.

And by the way, people keep talking about loading up a pen with a gravity feed then blowing as hard as I can through the input hole 2, and BB's would spray out the business end. It appears everything here is too simple, so title changed! Don't give me the previous described method.


Search "E Z Airsoft Machine Gun!" and "Easy, Full-Auto, Homemade Airsoft Gun" on YouTube. The second one is exactly what your looking for and I made it myself and it works extremmeeeely well

Excuse me, 90 Rounds per Second, not minute

there is a technique that , if used properly, can fire Airsoft Pellets at over 90 Rounds Per Minute. you must load 30-40 Pellets onto your tongue, and blow as hard as you can, then gently lift your tongue into the feeding chamber and watch the bullets fly. i found out this tecnique by reading through an ancient tome of mini-warfare. (actually i was trying to find the best way to win at a Spitball war.)

Just do a gravity feed design like the one by joemonkey. It is extremely simple and shoots about 50 rounds per second.

I didn't see that i'ble there before. This question has become pointless.

You can try a couple designs. 1st one would work like a paint sprayer and use air flowing over a siphon tube to suck the bb into the barrel and the air jet would propel it out the barrel (good for about 1500-3000 RPS) but you will go broke buying ammo for it... Use a compressed air tank for the air supply.

Other way would be to gravity feed into the barrel and use a solenoid valve to trigger the blasts of compressed air. Then you could do semi-auto rapid fire without the cost of a full auto feed monster. :)
Good luck....

 The only compressed air tank I've got is a plastic bottle with a bicycle valve at one end. Unfortunately, it's epoxied to my air-operated cannon. I guess I'm gonna go to the illicit goods market to get components of which are overpriced so there's really no hope. Time to go dress up in poor man's clothes to go to a poor man's junk shop. Actually it's pretty cheap there (if I can dress up in poor man's clothes then I won't attract attention and also blend in with the environment). Still, there's no hope.

i've only seen semi auto at best. if you really want a full auto bb gun, go buy one.

 I'm not necessarily talking about a bb gun. I'm talking about a pen being used to fire projectiles at a rapid rate like in a machine gun ( sorry about not responding for a long time, forgot that I posted this question before ).

this isn't going to be a pen gun, but i'm working out a design for a cheap full-auto airsoft or bb gun.  i say airsoft or bb because it can be modded for one or the other.  i'll contact you when i have the finished product-which might take a while because i'm basically broke.  Oh well, christmas is coming!
P.S. my design is air-powered