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How do you make a skateboard halfpipe? Answered

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe for under $300?
Please give sensible answers.



If you want to make it but don't have any materiels yet, first you should buy ramp plans. They are about 5 or 10 dollars at internet skate shops or catalogs, try CCS. (My favorite) Then based on the ramp plans buy the materials you need. Remember to buy ramp plans that cost under 300 dollars to make. That plan should help you. You can get wood at hardware stores,(wood is more affordable than metal, concrete ect). Ace, Home Depot, ect.. I hope my information helped you at all thanks for reading it.

It can be done for less than $300. I am in Australia and it cost me $240 AUD (about $220 USD). The first thing you need to do is sort out how high and wide you would want it to be. Best thing I would say is to just design one side as the other would be a replica. My ramp 1.5 metres wide and 900mm high. The first thing you need is plywood for the sides, 2 sheets will be enough to get the sides. You dont need to use the whole length of the board, use a pencil and decide what kinda curve you like, then cut the plywood in half diagonally so you have 2 triangles. screw them together then use a jigsaw to cut them out. Then cut the other board diagonally same as before, trace your already cut side then cut again, remove the screws and you will have 4 of the same side. keep an eye out on the side of the road for off cut 2x4 or 2x3 and the start screwing them inplace between the 2 sides. do one at the top then flat on the ground so it will stand up itself. the screw you cross supports about 2-3 inches apart but make sure it doesnt stick up over the curve you cut out. for the surface of the ramp you can use masonite or plywood, i recommend plywood and to soak it for a few hours which relaxes the fibres in the wood and make it flexible then screw it down, but make sure you counter sink the screws so you dont get caught on one. no is the tricky part, the start of the ramp, if you use the plywood method there will be a lip which will stop you wheels dead. this is the only expensive bit but the ramp will be really smooth to ride and that is stainless steel sheeting, you will need to research it. what it will do is flex down the ramp, covering the lip at the bottom and then touch the ground at a very smooth angle. This is how I made mine and that was 5 years ago and i still have it, any questions just message me. god luck

Well according to this website you can do it for a little under 400$ I think 376 http://www.xtremeskater.com/ramp-plans/mini-ramp/


8 years ago

Find a drainage dike or a pool. Then you can use the $300 to pay your trespassing fines! Honestly, skateboarding is not a crime. Just where you do it is!

DORK? Listen child, It's not going to happen for $300. A launch ramp is, and that is in the side bar.