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How do you make a small booby trap that can fit inside a desk? Answered

There's this annoying kid in my class who keeps taking my stuff my shoes and pencils. I need a way to build a trap that's simple really cheap and effective. I had an idea with a transformer which would shock him with a nine volt through a steel rod in a pencil but that's no good any ideas
Please respond


ummmmmm punch him in the faceafter school/use a strong zaper/use a poison dart and a blowgun(not some strong poison)

maybee you could do something with a mousetrap, like glue a pencil to the bait holder so when he reaches in your desk to grab it it snaps him. also the transformer and 9 volt battery wont work, the voltage isn't enough to give him any zap.

actually if i explained it more you'd understand better trust me it would zap him, with 120 volts ac but with a lower current (amperage)

ohhh.... i see. i thought you ment a transformer like the action figures. although you must be very carefull when messing with electricity, as it can be dangerous. take a lesson from me, i learned the hard way to watch were i put my fingers.

Don't trap him, scare him.

Let him overhear you asking a friend to help you smuggle the snake out of your desk at the end of the day.


You know those "scorpion in the mail" gags? Just a metal washer threaded through a rubber band, and then wound tight, to be released with a loud rattle when the desk lid is opened.

Then tell the teacher that things have been stolen from your desk.

If you want proof, mark a few tempting morsels with a UV security pen.

nice idea but he kids a moron Ive told the teacher already i even had forensic evidence to back it up i pulled a finger print of my shoe for gods sake and all she does is go I'll give him a talk. trust me this kid has tried to beat me up and i got him suspended I'm done with dealing with the problem the lame way i need something that's gonna get him out of my desk for sure

Make a complaint in writing to the head or school board.

If you leave a booby trap that hurts him, even if he is in your stuff when it is triggered, you will be the one expelled for having dangerous materials in school.

That's how ZT works.

Just tell the teacher. Look, you won't be a tattletale. You might get in more trouble if you were caught when getting revenge on him. Trust me, it's a safe bet.

I'm with you on this one Dr. Pepper. I see trouble ahead for racerboy217.

Try looking up office weapons on this site. there might be something there.