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How do you make a sound activated switch? Answered

So basically I'm looking to make a circuit that detects a (preferably adjustable) level of sound and completes another circuit and keeps that circuit completed until the sound level drops.  I've looked around on Google but I cant find any momentary circuits.  I find things like clapper kits and stuff that switches something on and keeps it on.  I want to use this on my paintball loader so when it detects the sound of the gun firing it activates the motor.  (like a Halo or some other high end loader)  The loader is a Viewloader force with the ON-Demand jack.

+One last thing this cant be too huge because I want to be able to velcro it to the side of my loader.  If you know of a circuit like this or have a picture or a link That would be great; thank you all in advance :D    


Rather than rely on a complex (ie potential failure) circuitry, why not simply arrange a switch on the trigger?

Pull the trigger, wires contact, motor starts.

That not a bad idea, I want to try putting a lever switch inside the loader so when the balls stop moving it turns off the motor, but all the high end loaders use sound activated switches so I figure if it works for them it will work for me

You're probably right, I'm going with a switch method, where when I stop firing the balls rest up against a lever switch and cut power to the motor