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How do you make an Inventor assembly with parts that interact? Answered

Currently, I can use constraints to assemble parts, but when they are moved around, they simply go through each other. How can I make the parts push each other around?

For example, I'm designing a paintball marker, and it has a body, bolt, trigger assembly, and various pins. How would I make the bolt catch on the trigger when it is moved rearward? How would I make the bolt go forward when the trigger is moved rearward?

I'm using AutoDesk Inventor Professional 2012. Also, I have access to most current Autodesk programs if they are required.




Best Answer 6 years ago

You should be doing all your parts as an assembly, (Standarard.iam) and then constrain the parts togther using the constraint tools.

But to make the parts not "go through each other" you should right click on each of the parts and check Contact Set. Then under the Inspect Tab, you should select the Activate Contact Solver Icon, after choosing this the parts should stop when the hit each other.

screen shot 1.jpgscreen shot 2.jpg

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been trying to figure this out for so long!

Thank you so much! I've been trying to do this for months!

Thanks James, I am a HS CAD teacher and teach CAD and Engineering, just started checking out this site from advice from one of my students actually. You are my first question to ever answer. But I guess it was late and I was tired, wish I could go back and fix my several type O's.