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How do you make an iPad clone? Answered

Can you describe the process how to build an iPad clone using video and images. Please describe the process to an audience without prior knowledge of Computer Science? And how much is the hardware and equipment required to build it?





I would suggest you ask this guy. He made an iPad look-alike from scratch.

Look-alike isn't that hard. Something which will actually run iPad apps... that's much more difficult. Which is why I suggested going the Linux/Android open-software route instead.

Whereas this evidently isn't impossible I suggest you look here

I wouldn't be sure where to start, since Apple didn't invent to Pad computer...


6 years ago

Sorry, in a life time you can not approach this desire.

But who says I know anything.....

The FIRST Step : Go get a development system for a Pic, Stamp or Arduino
and learn to use it ( program it ).

The SECOND Step :  After you do step one, You will know !


Well, in a lifetime -- if that includes investing in the appropriate education, plus all the time either reverse-engineering or figuring out how to steal a copy of Apple's software -- it's possible. Not practical, but possible.

But it's certainly not even possible for someone "without prior knowledge" who isn't willing to spend the time and effort and money to go out and get that knowledge.

Unless you can get hold of Apple's software. you can't produce an iPad clone.

You _could_ build and program an Android-based tablet. But it's probably cheaper (and certainly easier) to buy one off the shelf, unless you want to do something particularly odd with it.

In any case: Answers isn't really set up as a request system for Instructables. You can express interest, but unless someone is at least as interested as you are, tackles the project, and posts an I'ble about it there won't be one.