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How do you make an online telnet server? Answered

Does anyone know a way to make an online telnet server like the starwars telnet?



9 years ago

You can just set up a relatively pure data-dumping routine listening on port 23. telnet is a pretty simple protocol, and normally the defaults are sufficient for something like the starwars ascii animation (if that's what you were talking about.) Note that telnet is frequently blocked by firewalls.

that is indeed what i meant, something simple like that, but it is on a website (i have my own to test it on) i just wanted to know if there was a way to make one (possibly without some $$software$$)

So is your website linux based? Or something else? For linux, I think you can get by with something as simple as putting a program that writes to stdout in your inetd or xinetd config files. You can use "chargen" as an example of what it should look like. (Of course, this means you won't be able to have a normal telnet server on the same host, I think. I'm not acquainted with whatever multiple-address simulating features are available on *ix.)

it is not linux based it is XP (firefox). I'll go look all that stuff up and try to figure some of it out. here is a link to the page, there isn't mush on it, just a place where i can play around and try different stuff.

Look at "Services (Local)" under "Administrative Tools," part of Performance and Maintainence on the Control Panel.

On my XP Pro, a Telnet server is already installed, though disabled by default.

If the telnet port is blocked by your ISP (re: westfw's comment), you can probably use Port Forwarding on your router...

Unfortunately, the point is that you don't want to turn on the telnet service; you want to REPLACE the telnet service with your own app that does something different. That's easy on unix-like OSes, but I haven't a clue how you'd do it on a windows box. You could presumably write your own app that listens on the telnet socket, and there is probably some sort of "wrapper" thing that will do that for you, but ...

I certainly don't want to enable telnet in XP ;-)

...if it's not telnet servers we're discussing then I'll bow out (slightly confused...)

i know how to enable telnet and look at info online but i want to be able to make my own info and put it on a telnet server that can be on my website.

Starting Telnet in XP

If you have XP pro, follow the instructions above--they are reachable on the Control Panel. You can also use the RUN... option on the start menu, and enter: "services.msc"

Once the Services program appears, find "Telnet" in the list. It will be disabled. Right-mouse click, then select "Properties", and a box will appear.

Under "Startup type", select "Manual" -- then the Start button just below can be activated. Your Telnet server will be active.

Test by logging in Locally...

Once the server is started, open a "Command Prompt" window (DOS shell) on the same computer, and log in to the local server (you don't need to even be connected to the internet.) Type in:


( is always the internal IP address of the computer you're working on...)

Changing the Banner Msg

When logging in to the server, a message is displayed. You can change it. The configuration file in XP is:


Auto-running a Program (like an ascii animation)

The login.cmd file can also contain executable file names, batch files., etc. If you want, you can write an cmd line ascii animation program, and call that from the file.

Here's a little reference.

Here's an example of login.cmd , which inserts a little ascii picture, then calls the "mem" command:
@echo offremrem  Default global login script for the Telnet Serverremrem  In the default setup, this command script is executed when therem  initial command shell is invoked.  It, in turn, will try to invokerem  the individual user&apos;s login script.remecho *===============================================================echo Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Server.echo                           ,,,,,,echo                       o#&apos;9MMHb&apos;:&apos;-,o,echo                    .oH":HH$&apos; "&apos; &apos; -*R-o,echo                   dMMM*""&apos;`&apos;      .oM"HM?.echo                 ,MMM&apos;          "HLbd< ?&H\echo                .:MH ."\          ` MM  MM&becho               . "*H    -        &MMMMMMMMMH:echo               .    dboo        MMMMMMMMMMMM.echo               .   dMMMMMMb      *MMMMMMMMMP.echo               .    MMMMMMMP        *MMMMMP .echo                    `#MMMMM           MM6P ,echo                &apos;    `MMMP"           HM*`,echo                 &apos;    :MM             .- ,echo                  &apos;.   `#?..  .       ..&apos;echo                     -.   .         .-echo                       &apos;&apos;-.oo,oo.-&apos;&apos;echo *===============================================================cd /d %HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH% mem

I've included a screen capture of the Telnet startup screen I get when logging in locally...(with the above login.cmd file.)

Accessing the server from the outside will depend on if the Telnet port is blocked by your ISP, or your router (there are ways to circumvent both...)

You do realize that Telnet isn't like a webserver? A telnet login gives some control of your computer over to the person logging in--it's essentially a DOS account on your computer.

If the user account permissions granted allow someone full use of all the shell cmds (del, etc.), they can wipe your harddrive clean. One possible (but not foolproof) way is to invoke your animation executable at the start, and make sure it cannot be stopped by the person logging in. There are some other ways, none absolutely secure.

That's why westfw was recommending you write your own server. Like I said: I certainly don't want to enable telnet in XP. It's an antiquated, insecure protocol.

i have xp pro but i could not find a telnet server, my client is enabled (i can open telnet and use it to watch stuff online)

oh and i forgot there is a hidden game on the page that will let me access my junk from another computer. whatever you do don't go to the search section by clicking search on the main page, 2 of the links will redirect you to a rickroll. it is like a penalty kind of thing (like i said i just play around lol)