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How do you make cheddar? Answered

I've been wondering how to make cheddar, it seems like it may be an interesting project, but i really have no idea what's involved.

does anyone know how and want to do an instructable? or even just know how?


Did you ever get a response on how to make Cheddar Cheese? I have recently started making Cheddar and other hard cheeses and could give you a few tips. There are a lot of youtube videos on how to do it and of course you could get a book on the subject. There are a number of companies which supply the necessary ingredients which are basically only 3. First there is a lactic acid bacteria (though if you use unpasteurised milk that may be unnecessary or you can use buttermilk), secondly rennet and thirdly calcium chloride if you can only get homogenised milk from the store. The rest, like pots and pans, a mould and a press you use what you have in your kitchen or make yourself. It would be a lot easier if I had you email address and could email you directly.

Technically, you need to travel to Wessex to make proper Cheddar, but since they never registered the appellation, that's not your problem :-)

TUA's response is probably the best so far. Good luck!

I haven't heard my homeland referred to as "Wessex" since I finished my last Thomas Hardy book :)

I didn't know making cheese was a process so accessible to DIYers, but then I figure it can't be that complex given the process is thousands of years old.

:-D My wife and I did a week in Bristol during our honeymoon -- I lost the left-side mirror of the rental car to Brunel's awesome bridge.

"British historic cities: great for walking around, not so great for driving around"

Cheese making, at least soft cheeses, is super easy.

A great many homemade things have fallen by the wayside, not because they are difficult, just time consuming.

Most people would rather work to earn the money so they can go to the store and buy a loaf of bread, six pack, bottle of wine block of cheddar and prosciutto. Instead of investing the hour, weeks, months, years making it at home would take.

Especially with the attendant risk of failure.

Best look for "how to make cheese" in general, then narrow your search to hard cheeses.