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How do you make coffee art? Answered

Latte ArtWatch the video. Does anyone know if they use milk (% fat) or half & half or heavy / whippinig cream?

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iMac (author)2009-02-06

To make latte art, the fat% doesnt matter too much, Its all about the frothing.
The goal is to make microfoam, to do this you need a good espresso machine, and lots of practice. I can go into detail in this topic, but to save your time (and mine) I will just post a link to a guide.

Its hard to learn from a guide, its something you have to go out and try.
Once you are good at frothing the milk, you may now practise pouring, this isnt too hard, but it will take you a few trys to fiquer it out. And agian, heres a link to a guide


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