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How do you make glass that turns opaque with electric current? Answered

I saw a conference room with glass walls to seperate it from the cubes. You can flip a switch and the glass walls go from transparent to opaque. Is this a DIY project possible?


It's liquid crystal I guess. Theoretically yes, but in practical terms no.


Maybe an LCD screen mounted over a window, and program it to black or whatever color or image you want.

That is essentially what this stuff is, on a small scale it's work like that.


Not a practical project I'm afraid. The material is TWO pieces of glass, with a very very thin layer of liquid crystal material between them. The glass sheets themselves have to be flatter than normal glass, and they are coated with a transparent, but electrically conductive material called Indium Tin Oxide.

Just waay beyond what we could do at home.

Not quite. My neighbor has one installed into his bathroom window (NO, I'm not a peeping Tom, I knew the guy who installed it prior to selling the house to my neighbor.)

You can buy 'em sure, but make it ?

Prices look like over 100 USD/ sq ft


Yup. I'd love to have them installed in my bathroom, but I've nbever had that sort of cash flow. The former owner of the house in question lost his house due to his Roman leanings to excess..

LOOKS like its sourced for China (surprised ?) and bijou glazing companies are making a killing with it.