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How do you make interlocking dividers for boxes? Answered

I am trying to make a slotted divider section for a recycled box. The divider I am making should look like the ones you get in say, canning jar cases.


WooHoo! Worked!!! Finished this one and off to make a different size. I work in a city high school with limited budget, so being able to do this means easier and organized storage for our PASCO XPlorers and their probes. I was running low on cardboard sheets used for these dividers and as it was donated did not have another source. Hadn't thought about percentage, was using ratio comparing height from canning jar dividers to height of tubs that needed dividers. Only two months left of school so my work is cut out for me to get all this equipment into tubs. thank you for your help.

. What part are you having problems with?

I am having trouble with how deep to cut the strip(s) so they will interlock but not be cut through. I have used patterns from canning jar cases, but either cut too deep or not enough. Attempting to correct the depth damages/weakens the cardboard. I am sure there is a numerical pattern but I have as yet not figured it out. I am presently working on a grid of 3 rows by 5 columns with each block in the 'grid' - 10 cm (H) X 7 cm (L) X 5 cm (W). Thank you for your help.

. I'm not sure I understand, but it seems to me that they should all be 50% of the depth. Or, say, 75% on the strips going in one direction and 25% on the ones going the other direction.