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How do you make knit/crochet popcorn hats for beginners? Answered


im at school right now so the link u gave me isnt working cause its blocked by the school so im looking for a link that would show me how to crochet a rosta or regga popcorn hat or a brete and i also want to learn how to make beanies but its the first time im ever trying this so i need help from the very begining so do you have any links that may help me out please?

Can you use the internet when you're not at school?
Or plug the words into Google when you are?


ppdf862532.jpg This is the type of stich i want to make my popcorn hat out of.  Do you know how to make this? And the link to the blog was helpful thats were i found this picture. XD

The picture didn't upload. It's very easily done, you go to "browse", select it, but omit to press Upload and wait. I can look for stuff on the internet again, but that's all I'm doing - I know virtually nothing about knitting / crochet.


no i dont have internet at my house
but i can try the google thing