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How do you make this plastic bottle to plastic string device? Answered

I found this on YouTube, but I could not find an Instructable about how to make it.  Has anyone else found out how to make this device.  I wish I knew Russian but there does not appear to be instructions on how to make it.


Turn on the captions and then select the translate option.

can someone make an ible for the device Alejandro uses?


Somebody, design one that can do 5-gallon buckets!

The end of the video shows how he did it. Apart from the ring and bow it seems very self explanatory.

I may never again need to buy string for my weed wacker.

0:00In this video I show you how to cut the rope from plastic0:04bottle will tell you how to do butylkorez 2.0 and demonstrate0:08several methods of application of shrink properties0:11rope from plastic bottle.0:13As you can see, the new design butylkoreza favorably0:16small dimensions of ease of manufacture, and most importantly0:20ease of use. Now there is no need0:23no pre incise tape or press the bottle0:26the blade second hand. The new design makes it0:29itself, need only a bottle and one arm. Furthermore,0:34new design allows butylkoreza cut tape0:37different widths without moving blade. This machine I chop0:42tape width from one millimeter to one centimeter.0:46Very thin ribbon is easily confused with fishing line.0:48I use it successfully on the Donkey. Fish up to two pounds0:54break such a scaffold could not ....0:59Upon heating tape and sealed using a shortened1:03This property is easy to make a free plug-in connection1:06virtually all parts. This connection is the1:09firm of proven me. Note1:12- Even without half goats details of poles and tape1:15bottle of surprisingly strong and can withstand dynamic1:19my weight load. No screws, nails and even more1:23are not capable of. Shrink pulls items worse1:27bolting. Lately I've been increasingly1:31use PET tape as a temporary clamp. Loop1:35of such a tape can withstand the monstrous load anywhere1:37not shift, slide, and besides it is not a pity.1:41For example, drill hole 55 mm at an acute1:45angle to the surface without the use of polyethylene terephthalate tapes1:49I did not succeed. This tape is a good thing and all1:53time finds new applications in agriculture.1:58PET tape winding handle hammers and axes protect2:02them from chips and dents. Over the years, pliers pliers2:06and other protective tool handles falling apart,2:10winding handles such tools PET tape2:12will be more durable because PET2:15is more resistant to low temperatures and UV light.2:19All it takes to make such butylkoreza2:22Snip it sill or corner, the blade from the clerical2:26knife, two nuts M5, M5 stud or a piece of wire2:31(Thread on it can be cut separately) and wood2:35brusochek - strut. In pruning sill need to drill2:39Through bolt hole M5 so that2:42it coincided with the opening in the mounting hole2:45blade for stationery knife. Then, departing from2:49drilled hole on the nut width do2:52cuts in the corner of different depths. Depth of cut2:55will limit the width of the tape. All items are ready2:59butylkorez left to collect. For this we need to invest3:03channel in the blade and the holes in them to pass a3:06pin or wire and if you have a channel, then Strut3:10nuts sill wall, and if you corner, then tighten3:14nuts one wall bracket. To zanevolit3:17the second end of the blade insert wooden butylkorez3:19spacer. All you now have access to an infinite3:23reserve rope. And now you have a lot of bottoms3:27and necks of bottles. How to cast from their various3:30Part I will cover in one and the following video, but first3:34Fit video about making bilateral rings3:37coins. If you liked the video3:40and you want more, look at the other videos on my channel. They3:44not worse. Separately recommend my3:46video about making a bow made of PVC pipe.3:49And not to miss the new video - subscribe3:52the canal. Since you shared experience Lawyer Egorov.