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How do you make your own handmade paper "acid free"? Answered

While there are a few archival sprays that reduce the degradation and yellowing of paper after the fact, that is not what I'm looking for. I'm curious as to whether I can add something to the pulp in the process of handcrafting my own paper. I've heard that adding calcium carbonate while it's still in a slurry can neutralize the acidity of the lignin in the pulp. If so, couldn't I just throw a few Tums in there? And how much per batch?



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I found this which tells the ratio to use:

p.s. Asura, you can use as much ash as you like since it's also wood. I use the ashes and charcoal from my bar-b-que pit. I only burn real wood in it not charcoal briquettes

it helps if you adjust the water and not the mix. you can use ph strips or buy one of the soil/water gauges from a garden center to check alcalides and other impurities you may not want. Ashes are a great way to remove acids from the water and since it's wood, it won't pose any problems after bleaching the pulp.

Have you tried websearching "make acid free paper"?

I have, which is why I am asking here. I am looking for advice on ratio and proportion. I did some searching, but all the places that I saw never mentioned it. All you had to do was "add some calcium carbonate". But how much?

While this can be determined from trial and error, I would like to try first asking people who may have tried it before me before I embark to waste my resources as well as money in the process.

I suspect the answer is going to depend on the exact characteristics of the source materials, and that the right way to determine this is to either overshoot (excessively basic is less harmful) or, ideally, to measure and titrate appropriately for that batch. But since I haven't attempted it, don't take my word for it.