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How do you nap flint I really want to know how to work flint but I don't know how to Answered

I have tried to bash one piece against the other but it always ends up splitting and a just cant find on the web how to do it.

Please help me



Best Answer 7 years ago

Flintknapping is an art and a science, with tens of thousands of years of human experience behind it. "The Art of Flintknapping" by D. C. Waldorf is a great place to start, but finding a lesson in your area would speed up the learning curve and give you ready access to suitable materials. Expect to spend a lot of time practicing (and being frustrated) and keep a box of band-aids nearby.


7 years ago

As a side note: You don't have to use flint. Depending on where you are at, obsidian, chert, fine-grained basalt, and other materials might be more available. Ishi often used thick glass. Porcelain toilet lids ("Johnstone") also work well if you're stuck in an urban environment.

If you're websearching (which should find detailed instructions), it may help to know that the word is normally spelled "knap".

Beyond that: Having the right flint, practice and patience help a lot.

You strike away from an edge, not into it, with glancing blows.