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How do you potty train a rabbit? Answered

My rabbit is named Bunny. She is a lion head dwarf and shes really smart when she wants to be. She only wants to be potty trained when she feels like it. One day she will do really well, not leaving a single dropping on the ground. Then other days she makes a mess and i'm very tired of deep cleaning my carpets all the time. I first started by keeping her in a small area, the bathroom. When she was caching on I started giving her more space. Now, I have bunny proofed my room and it's now her room and she was doing really well with the training for wile. I have about 6 litter boxes all around my room, but now she never uses them and I don't know what to do. Nothing is working for me.



Hi! I work in a pet shop and also own my very own bunny and it is possible so keep the faith! lol! Always remember to put a bit of what she's already done in the litter tray and keep it in the same place so she can find it. You will probably still get the odd pellet about the place (i think they get too excited at having so much fun!) but she should always go to the litter tray to urinate. Its possible that 6 trays is too many and she's confused. Also i've noticed that neutered rabbits are much better at using litter trays and since she's female it will prevent any nasty diseases or cancer in her reproductive system (very nasty). Its also possible that she doesn't like the litter or worst case she might have an infection. I recommend wood based litter (non of that nasty clay stuff that cats use) and give her a quick look over and see if you notice anything that might be a bit off with her. Start at the head and work your way to her bum -nice teeth, not too long-clear eyes-clean ears-no lumps or bumps on her body-nice clean bum. If you notice anything out of the ordinary obviously take her to the vet but its probably just that she's being a bit lazy about finding a litter tray. Sorry for rambling a ot but hope it helps!! Good luck!!!

well rabbits dont use litter boxes but they usually like to go in a spacific spot so you can put newspaper in the spots she ussally goes and in corners of the house

I would say the biggest thing is to get her spayed. It makes a huge difference in the litter training!!! You'll need to find a vet that has experience w/rabbits and spaying/neutering them. It was amazing how easy it was to train my bunny after her spaying. Good luck w/ your bunny. Thank you for bunny proofing your room for her. I really think spaying will help w/litter training. It solved it for me.

I have four angora rabbits in stacked 30x36 wire-bottom cages. Three are litter trained; they use a corner litter box faithfully, but they still poop all over the cage bottom, and it falls through the wire. The fourth rabbit, pesky bugger, throws all of the litter out of the box. I put a small take-out container under the wire cage, and she continues to go in that corner. It's not nearly as "neat" as the other three, but at least I don't have to clean the entire bottom of the cage. All of the rabbits have the occasional accident - peeing wherever, but most of it goes in the corner pan. When I take them out of the cage and allow them to run about the house, they leave a bunny berry wherever they please, but they never pee when they're out. Fortunately (or unfortunately), my cat enjoys playing with these berries and occasionally eats one. I have heard more than one person advise not to leave a bunny unsupervised as they have a tendency to chew power cords and expire.

I have 2 house rabbits. Here are some of the best links to litter training your rabbit: http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/litter.html http://homepage.mac.com/mattocks/morfz/litterboxtrain.html http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/training.html http://www.rabbit.org/journal/3-12/litter-training-revisited.html

We have a rabbit and as far as I know, you can't.

 hey i never knew you could such a thing!!! i have an albino dwarf rabbit and i've tried so many different things to get her running around the house! how do u manage/start potty training! thanks guys !