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How do you remove or destroy a microchip in a dog? Answered

A friend has rescued a maltreated dog and does not want the cruel owner to get it back.Actually the dog has run away but if he(the rescuer)can find it he wants to prevent the chip from identifying the cruel owner.



Return the dog and report the owner's cruelty to the authorities. That's the best course of action, and incidentally also the action you are morally and legally obliged to take.

. Legally obligated? Yes. . Morally obligated? Depends on the situation. If the dog is truly being mistreated, IMNSHO one would be morally obligated to rescue it. YMMV. . . I've stolen more than one dog, nursed it back to health, and adopted it out to a qualified owner. Never done it behind the abuser's back, though. I'll walk up in broad daylight, take the dog, and dare the abuser to call the cops. Yeah, I'll probably end up in court someday, but I consider that a small price to pay. I like most dogs better than I like most ppl. BTW, I've never taken a companion dog - that calls for education of the owner.

are you kidding? Your words, you have "stolen more than one dog", not behind the abusers back and then darted the abuser to call the cops... any dog owner will call the cops. You are not stealing dogs in infant of them.

. Thanks. One of very few things I feel that strongly about.
. BTW, I am NOT suggesting that others engage in such activities. It is illegal (tresspassing, theft, &c). If you can't do the time (or pay for the lawyer to keep you out of jail), don't do the crime. I'm in a position where I am able (and willing) to accept the consequences.

If the animal is small enough, you can take it to any grocery store that has those magnetic security alarm tags, take it to the cashier where the scanner is to disable those alarms, rub that animal all over that scanner and your good. I do it everytime my cat needs a vet, but i dont have the money so i take him in as a stray and adopt him for 12 dollars a few days later.

You could use something called a thermal gun (aka a Microwave oven) to fry the chip...

Oh, wait... OHHHH... The chip is IN the dog? Ok, never mind... Thats not an option...

Surgery is probably out, because you may cut something wrong or cause an infection... Locating the chip is probably easy, however: just use a metal detector.

Wait a minnit... If it is an RFID tag, then you could probably detect and edit it to something else...

Oh, one more thing: after you use the RFID editor to change the chip, I suggest you destroy the reader. You can use these devices for identity theft, and if the cops find it you may get in bigger trouble than just rescuing a dog (or may not, because I'm guessing not all cops are electronics geeks)

That, and (more importantly) destroying things is fun. I suggest a hammer to destroy the READER/EDITOR (not the chip in the dog).

You could also make the equivalent of a doggy tinfoil hat in vest form... I don't know how effective this would be. Take a gander at this for some inspiration.

where do you get an RFID editor?

it sounds a good option too, where can I get more info about these editors?


3 months ago

where do you get an RFID editor?

Unless you know who the owner is- how can you honestly say that the owner is abusing the dog? Then again If you know the owner- the owner knows you and would know you have his dog. Perhaps it got outside and ran up to you and you feel you have a special bond with it? Dogs don't simply run away. They get outside and they are curious. They either can't find their way back or they are stolen. You obviously stole somebody's dog and you are going on this site to try to remove a microchip out of fear that the dog will be returned to its rightful owner. An animal abuser wouldn't get his dog microchipped in the first place. You are committing an obvious crime.

actually that really depends where they get thier pets - most shelters now chip every animal that leaves. they dont do indepth backgrounds so yes an animal abuser can get and have a chipped pet - just saying....


4 years ago

dig it out with a knife j/k


6 years ago

I am in a situation where I recovered my pet from people who stole it because they were convinced I was abusing her. Their response to my accusations of theft were to tell me to get another cat(so i could supposedly abuse that one too?) If you really care about resucing other peoples pets, doing it in a way that enables them to continue abusing other animals is not effective. Call the authorities.

Over the course of the theft the perps ended up spending well over $1k. The real danger in stealing people's pets is not potential legal actions, cops generally don't care and procesuting attorneys probaly don't want to waste time dealing with pet disputes, the danger is the revenge that your victim is going to want to get upon yourself. Vigilantism breeds vigilantism, you have a moral obligation to not put yourself in situations where someone would want to kill you.

If I had this problem, then I would want to destroy the chip immediately. The best way to do this is with radio frequency interference. Using a microwave gun would work, but it would also hurt the dog. The other way is to build a moderately powered radio transmitter to fry the chip by putting too much power through it. Unfortunately, you would need to tune it to the frequency of the chip, so it would be hard to accomplish. However, you can make a transmitter that will transmit on all frequencies. The easiest way to do this is with a spark gap transmitter. This means using a high voltage, high frequency power supply, discharging it through a spark gap, and grounding one end while attaching a directional antenna to the other and pointing it at the dog. The dog will not be hurt in the few seconds that it will take the chip to be destroyed, and there will be no way to detect that the chip was intentionally destroyed. The downside with this idea is that you will need to build a rather powerful high voltage power supply that may generate unsafe currents.

Here are some schematics: http://www.nickhv.com/img/Highvoltage/Flyback/ZVS%20driver.jpg

Write back if you need more help. Good Luck.

A friend of mine is going through the same thing.
We're not in the US and animal welfare is not a primary concern of authorities, so to cut it short if he hadn't taken the dog it would be dead by now.
We tried to download the link you put but it doesn't work, could you give us another link or help us somehow to read more about this transmitter?

That's theft, brother.

. It will need to be surgically removed.

I believe these are RF tags - pump it with enough radio-energy and you'll "fry it" This means building / obtaining a radio transmitter tuned to the tag frequency of course. Alternatively make a small incision in the dog and pop it out... L