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How do you repair the light sensor on a solar light that won't turn off in the daylight? Answered

I have one solar light that will not turn off in the daylight. There doesn't appear to be anything obstructing the sensor. The rechargeable batteries are being completely drained and will not recharge when in this particular light. I can recharge the batteries using a battery charger.


Mine have a diode, a resistor, a transistor and an LED and of course a solar panel and rechargeable batteries. When the solar panel stops producing power the transistor turns on and the power goes to the resistor and LED. If yours are like this you need a new solar panel, but I don't know, I think majority of them have LDR, Phototransistors or Photo Cells which are all do the same thing.

I have the type mentioned below, with a diode, transistor, resistor, and a small capacitor on a small circuit board. I found polarity markings ( + and - ) on the back of the solar panel. The circuit board also had polarity markings where the 2 wires from the solar panel are soldered on. The 2 wires from the back side of the solar panel to the small circuit board were installed backward. I unsoldered the wires and swapped positions. That fixed my light.

The back side of the solar panel was covered in an insulating goop, so it took some work to uncover the polarity markings.


1 year ago

I would suggest the solar cell has died.

if the battery is going dead it is not been charged, the solar cell also doubles as the "dusk" sensor, hence why it won't turn off.


8 years ago

It maybe damp around the terminals or the lens maybe dirty
try cleaning the light sensor


9 years ago

if it's only the sensor you just go to radio shack and buy a ldr, replace the old sensor with your ldr and it should work(they have big ones and small ones, and yes there is a difference)

Pictures inside please? If it's got wet inside there's a small chance something's shorted and is keeping it on. Or if there's some dodgy wiring inside it might have shorted.