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How do you replace the seal on an upright freezer? Answered

I have an upright freezer (big one) and it is leaking cold air. How do I replace the seal?




7 years ago

I am going to assume that you cant find a replacement seal for whatever reason. This is what I did. I removed the old seal and started cleaning and disinfecting the freezer. THen you measure the height of the seal and estimate the amount of silicone that you need to use. Some skill with a caulking gun is needed here. I use detergent and squeegee cut into the shape of the seal. The contact surface of the lead is spread with a thin layer of silicone grease or petroleum jelly. You wait until the silicone is tacky and then you lower the lid gently. Any uneven spots will flatten out. With an upright you can do this because the magnetic seals are not so critical as in an upright. Hope it helps. Practise on a few sinks and windows before attempting this.

Before you go replacing the seal, are you sure it's not a misaligned door? You didn't say it's ripped or anything, so I figure it's better than spending on a seal and screwing with the replacement just to find you still have to re-align it...they can get knocked out of whack over time. My old fridge (an over 30 year old Chrysler side-by-side) when I replaced) had to be adjusted from time to time, prior to it's timely demise.

You can usually buy the seal as a spare. On some fridges/freezers, the seal is pushed onto a steel edge, on others its glued with a strong double sided tape.