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How do you rip sound (audio) from a video? Answered

I'm trying to rip the sound off of my  videos so I can put them to CD. Any ways of doing this?



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I use audacity a shareware program that you can download for free.  Then play the video and use audacity to capture it.  You can do some editing in audacity.

I believe you were a little late answering this one lemonie.


It wasn't so much of an answer as an agreement with Re'. But yes I was doing something else that day.


In windows use 'sound recorder'

set the 'recording' selected channel in volume control to 'wave' or whatever the normal output of your soundcard is.  Alternatives are 'microphone', line in, etc...  Wave is the channel that is being output by the sound card at any given moment.
Start recording, then play the video.
Save as: wav file if you don't have an mp3 encoder installed, or mp3 if possible.

Video player line out to sound card line in, and a recording program (Audacity is a fine suggestion.)  If your player doesn't have line-level outputs, you could try using the headphone output but be careful not to turn the volume too high -- though you will probably get distortion (clipping) before you do any damage.

As long as the recording is for your own use and "never gets separated from the video" -- ie, you don't sell one while retaining the other -- you're probably within the boundaries of fair use. You may or may not be within the boundaries of the license. Exercise appropriate common sense.