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How do you set up a power switch on a breadboard? Answered

I figured you just run the battery's ground to ground, then have the positive from the battery in a row on the board, then you would switch this to your rail. The problem is that the battery got HOT as hell in a minute, so I must be doing something wrong. Took a peek at another device and it looks like the switch is actually switching ground... what do I do?
My switch is a little vertical slider switch that has two positions, and three leads represented by black, red, then green wires.

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lemonie (author)2012-05-31

battery got HOT as hell:
Yes must be have something wrong, draw us a diagram eh?


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Re-design (author)2012-05-31

You can put the switch in the positive wire or the negative wire it does not matter. If the battery is getting too hot, then you are drawing too much power from the battery. You may have too many things on the circuit or you may have a wiring error causing a short. Find it and fix it.

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mpilchfamily (author)2012-05-31

First of all what are you powering with the battery? You should probably post some pictures of what your working with.

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