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How do you solder onto a messed up pcb? Answered

I have a pcb, its an alarm clock in case you were wondering, that had one of those ring things come off, the part that you actually solder components to, anyway, is there any way to still solder a component in that place, or is it ruined?


seandogue: that was a great answer and it helped me tremendously!! here is a picture. the bronze/copper colored area used have a silver ring with a hole in it... but from what you have told me, it sounds like exactly what I need to do... Thanks.


wow, i just realized i never told where in the picture it is... it is the very top left hand corner's hole... sorry about how zoomed out the picture is, my camera wouldn't focus if it was any closer :-S

You've accidentally removed copper from the board? What you have to do is solder some wire to the same track, and then to your component. A picture would help. L