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How do you tie hockey ice skates the correct and tight way? Answered

It's winter time and tying your hockey skates is a hassle. One time my cousin didn't tie his hockey skates well and ended up with not a sprained ankle something else a little worse I forget the exact name. I don't want this to happen to me it looked very painful.


Lace them 'Canadian" style. Overhand through the eyelets. Lacing them this way allows you to tighten the laces and they do not slip and loosen on you while you are skating. I do not recommend wrapping the laces around the top as this eventually breaks down the stiffness of the boot above your ankle leading to injuries or at least the need for new skates. I also go with what mikeref22 says about leaving the top portion of the boot not as tight as the lower portion, but this is more of a preference.

you do not want it tight at the top since it cuts off your circulation. The skate key is the worst idea! you want it tight along the top of the foot and snug at the top of your ankle. Ankle injuries come from cheap skates that offer no support

My personal preference was a little slack in the feet, but real tight at the top by the ankles. I took the excess laces and wrapped it twice about the boot- two times isn't a magic number, that's just how much extra I had. Start off with them tight all over. They make skate tighteners- it is a plastic handle with a hook coming off it, making a "T" shape with the " I " being the hook. Once you try this, you can experiment with what you like best. Ankle injuries come from loose ankle support, which is why I tighten the upper part of the boot a good bit. Have fun.