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How do you use this o2 bluetooth headset? Answered

I've had this generic o2 bluetooth headset for years now and I think I've used it about twice. I want to do a hack with it like the ones in Make Magazine and pop it into something else, maybe an old-school Motorola 8800 I've got kicking about.

I'm quite happy to do that but what I really need is a pointer or reminder on how to operate the headset. I know I've had to look it up online before and once you have the intructions it's very easy to use. But now I can't find them anywhere and I know I wont be able to use it without them as you have to press certain controls are certain times.

I've included a photo so you can see the headset I'm on about.



Not the exact model however I believe that o2 would be consistent enough to have the configuration for it's products similar, well hopefully anyway.

I pressed all the buttons and combinations of button... in the end I just pushed and held the big button in... and that did it. I even managed to pair it with my iPhone!

So sorry about that as it was really really really obvious!

Manufacturer's website probably has the user's manual, assuming they're still in business.

It's branded as o2... It was made by Bluetrek... and their website doesn't have it....

But don't worry!