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How do you wire a breaker box in the shed to the box on the house? Answered

I have a 200 amp breaker box for a mobile home and I want to use it in my shed so I can run my 240 stick welder and some smaller power tools. I already have 3 wires ran from box to box, I just need the wire configuration.  


. At the source end, run the insulated wires to a double-pole breaker and the bare wire to a ground strip. At the shed, run the insulated wires to the input points and the bare wire to ground.

how much is it to just hook up a breaker box in a two bedroom two bath stormshelter and garage

I definitely approve of putting the new circuit downstream of a double-pole breaker in the main box. The additional protection, and being able to turn it off for service, are both Good Things.

And, yeah, in many areas you will need to have an electrician certify it -- and due to the liability involved, most will not certify any wiring that they, themselves, have not done. Though there are exceptions; I know that in the St. Louis area it's possible for a homeowner to take a class, and pass a test, which allows them to do most of their own wiring with inspections at specific points to make sure that what they're doing actually follows code as they were taught it.

. PS: Depending on your setup, you may not be able to install a breaker larger than 30A or so in the box at the house.
.  Whatever size breaker you use, make sure the wire between boxes can handle the load over the distance required.
. BTW, to stay legal, you probably need to have a licensed electrician inspect the finished job (before you energize it). Code may require that the whole job be done by a qualified electrician. YMMV.

Hire and electrician. If you don't know how to do it then 1. you may end up burning your house down thereby negating your insurance policy since you are not authorized to make changes or 2. you may wire it wrong even if given the correct instructions thereby make it a hazardous situation killing yourself and negating your life insurance policy.