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How does a carborator work? Answered

in a motor


yo man

Best Answer 9 years ago

it makes your moter go

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one example
They use the Venturi effect to introduce fuel into the engine. These days fuel-injection is more common. One of the principles of operation is to control airflow, in cars it's usually a butterfly valve attached to the throttle cable, in small 2-strokes a bit different.


wow....that went right over my head.

yeah...i didn't realize that until i read the thing...im kind of mechanically challenged that way.

well you have your accelerator pump for one, and it dose what you think it dose. when you push down on the gas peddle it pumps gas into your primaries. than your main jets work off of a vacuum, as air rushes past the jet it pulls gas out of the jets and into the intake. at an idle you have your curd idle and it works the same way as your jets but the holes are smaller and it doesn’t put as much gas into the intake. dose that answer your question?

yes it does....now i can fix my car and i owe it all 2 u. :) -i just needed 2 clean it.

thats good. i am glad i could help.

Phil B

9 years ago

Carburetor is the correct spelling. It is frequently incorrectly spelled.