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How does an instructable get featured? Answered

Does every instructable get looked over and judged, or is there some other method? Just nosy.



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How? There's a group of over 30 members and staff who do their best to look at every published project, and feature those that are worth a wider view.

Featured instructables are chosen by the Instructables staff using a methodology similar to the one used by the Treasury Department to distribute bailout money via the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP). For both, the process necessarily involves kazoo music and chicken blood.

South Park Season 13, Episode 3: Margaritaville


hello, i wanna sell this margaritaville. then it is worth alot of money if i could remember.

Oh yeah, you know what?  No... oh, yeah...no, yeah, no...

The ones I've seen get featured were well organized, showed lots of macro photographs (thats like porn to the staff) and/or had the robot somehow incorporated into the instructable.

Now to make an Instructable with such macro photography you can see that atoms that make it up. Keep them staff happy.

Staff look at recent stuff like you might. If they think something is worth looking at, a good contribution to the site they may Feature it to say "hey look at this, it's good (or better than that)". Also if staff are posting news about a competition, or a link to something great they found they'll Feature that to be sure it gets more views. No real method to it, but it's generally the quality/novelty of content that attracts the Feature. L

Yeah if the ibles staff gets a wiff of it and they like it yeah you will probably get featured but you need lots of details pictures (not from google) videos if you can.

You have to send the staff about $5 to get your instructable featured
no not really, there was a question about this this morning, just search XD