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How does instructables address some projects that I see have some serious safety and liability issues? Answered

Some projects that are on the instructables website have some serious safety and hazard concerns. In particular electrical and electronic projects that interface with 120 volts or higher. Though many of these projects are incredibly creative and brilliant, some oft these projects could put people at risk along with their associated liability.The "instructables" organization itself might be liable as well if it has not done more than some superficial notice to it's membership.
I suggest that projects that could be hazardous be inspected by any controlling authority (such as building and safety) prior to their being displayed on the instructables website.


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thematthatter (author)2017-10-18

You can always flag a potentially dangerous instructable, as well as leave a comment on the instructable that the project is completely dangerous. At least who ever stumbles upon it will see your warning.

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iceng (author)thematthatter2017-10-19

Granted there are a number of youngsters with no safety experience who want to build a Stargate and get their education here but there are more lucrative DIY videos out there to enthrall their energies...

If Sean is truly worried he/she can comment and flag dangers as he/she comes across them. I simply do not want a Liberal <=> ( someone_who_cares) imposing their ethos on every one, which is a communistic subjugation that happened to my native country and crippled three generations of my country folk very badly !

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Jack A Lopez (author)2017-10-18

It is a question that has been asked before.


That discussion is from like 5 years ago, but it is likely still relevant today.

There is a group called, "Unofficial Safety Committee", and you can look at what they discuss, or jump into these discussions, by clicking on the "topics" tab, on that page, here,


Although, note that the topics in that group are not all that active, with the last posts, 2 years, 6 years, etc, ago.

If you want to annoy the staff directly, it is possible to flag any instructable as "inappropriate", which will catch the attention of some human who works here, or you could write to "service@instructables.com"

By the way, I think all the instructables published here have already been given some kind of cursory examination by the human staff, which explains why it takes hours, sometimes lots of hours, for an instructable to get published, and people complain about this fact.

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iceng (author)2017-10-18

As far as I recall no one has died of what you fear..

Many Crusader Rabbits with no instructables of their own have already proceeded you wanting to rashly assume control and safetify this site for their misconception and ethos without understanding or research :-p

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rickharris (author)2017-10-18

Pretty much all DIY instructables are going to carry some risk, either in the building or the using.

I think implicite to the site your doing things on your own responsibility and many people put a disclaimer at the front of their instructable.

I suppose someone who followed an instructable to the letter and could prove that and gets hurt may have a claim on the author if they can be found to have been irresponsible.

Generally when I have pointed out something may be dangerous I get a lot of flack so I just tend to avoid or ignore those instructables.

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