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How does the BFG impact version works? Answered

Hi people,
does anybody know, how do this bloody thing work? I do understand the timer one. It's quite simply, based on classic time fuze design. But what's still mystery to me is this impact version of that. How did they made grenade exploding when it hits the ground? Any idea?


:D No, no, friend, I mean Blank Firing Grenade, this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJB3VzRqoaY
How does grenade launcher grenades works is no mystery for me. But this BFG is. But thanks :)

The BFG is a fictional weapon. They could have made it exploded only after hearing the sound of a kitten mewing if they wanted.
Ignoring that, in real life impact grenades are fired from grenade launchers, like the ones that can be mounted on some assault rifles. The have a firing pin attached to a spring loaded cap that compresses and detonates the charge on impact.
HERE's an article explaining it in more detail.