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How effiecient is a jonsboat type boat compared to a kayak. both the same size at 2 knots or so. Please give examples.? Answered

Just wondering if a flat bottomed boat is better or not.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Common kayaks are not very large but in fact one can build a really big kayak. One might also build a kayak with a flat bottom for fishing. Obviously a kayak will tend to row more easily than a john boat could ever hope to. A kayak can also be built to handle rough seas. However since most normal people avoid rough seas the common canoe should get some considerations especially in sheltered waters. Canoes can be any size and some can even carry a couple of tons of supplies. John boats can be real work horses. Unfortunately many are built as cheap junk. But a proper john boat of decent size for the tasks at hand can be a great boat to own. Look at native Americans in Alaska and some of the huge, high powered john boats that they use to make a living on fast rivers. If you can get it to the water and launch it without going through a bunch of nonsense such as paying a launching fee go for the john boat. If you must sneak into launch areas where normal boats could never be launched then go for a kayak.

Depends on what you use it for. A flatbottom is good if you are taking fishing gear or a passenger. You can easily put a motor on it if needed. But they aren't nearly as good as a kayak in swift streams, are a bit heavier to carry and paddle, and can't get in tight spaces like a kayak can. Also, a kayak is much more portable. I've used both, and prefer a jonboat for everything except whitewater.

which is more efficient?

If you're not carrying passengers or any equipment, the kayak is far more efficient. But if you carry anything more that a bag lunch or a change of clothes, you'll probably wish you had the jonboat. However if you carry cargo every-now-and-then , you could build a strap-on outrigger to use every once in a while to carry things, and make the kayak more stable. Then just take it off when you need to be more maneuverable and more efficient.