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How fast are these 3D Printers? Do they have a rate/oz. speed or anything like that? Answered

I'm a 3D virgin.  I want to dive in, but am curious as to what I can expect as far as speed goes.  If it matters a whole lot I'm considering this printer here, Afinia H-Series.  Perhaps someone here can print out a .1 oz cube and clock it as an experiment?!?  Maybe we can get the results from other printers as well!


The speed of the printer depends on many factors. Some of which include:
  • how thin the printer is able to lay out each layer
  • size of the object being printed
  • amount of infill being used
  • is the object solid or more spread out
Many printers have settings where can control how fast the system prints. Some times you don't mind a print being a bit sloppy cause you want a faster print. Other times you want the best you can get so the print head needs to move slower.

Hi space man, Ive got access to an Up! printer which looks identical to afinia . The box in this  instructable  took about a 1 hour 40 minutes not fast but you don't have to sit and watch it. in fact I sometimes  print stuff just before going to bed and it all ready to go in the morning

Does this help? http://www.additive3d.com/3dpr_cht.htm It doesn't include the printer you mentioned, but it does seem to be a relatively broad comparison.

Have you tried calling Afinia's tech support? The reviews on their own site claim good support; this would be a test of that.