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How good does EL wire look under a blacklight? Answered

I am going to be attending a blacklight dance, and i thought of a few ideas: LEDs on my glasses and watch, and some EL wire shaped into my School's Logo! but i was wondering how good does EL wire look under a blacklight? im not saying go out and figure it out, im just asking that if you know, or you could easily pull out a blacklight and some el wire in a dark room, that would be nice.



Best Answer 6 years ago

From personal experience there are a couple colors that look good under blacklight, Red, Orange, and Purple are the best (and the same color when lit) white works as well and I'm not 100% on the other colors but even though blacklight paint is cheaper,EL isn't that much more expensive. I think EL wire is an amazing material to work with and no matter what you use it for you'll stand out (plus you can't make blacklight ink blink =J )

you do have a really good point about the blinking and stuff! its good to know that it can show up! thanks ;)

I have no idea, but if you want something to really glow under a blacklight, just make your school's logo (or whatever) white or use fluorescent colors. You should be able to get white and fluorescent colored clothing paints from a store like Michaels. Once those colors get near the blacklight they will glow like they were EL wire or LED's.

Why did I not think of this before?!?!? That's probably a much more reasonable idea than EL wire or LEDs anyway!

Yes. I would think it would be a lot easier (and less expensive). ;)

At least your question was sort of answered.