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How has built an ROV? Answered

If you have built an ROV or submarine, post it here for the world of instructables to see

I recently finished an ROV about a month and a half ago and I'm planning to overhaul it. Here are some pics. Also, look at this

1.) front view
2.) corner view
3.) Power supply
4.) controls (need work)

< I now have a relay control board and 50' tether
< the main design has change... Again.
<4 motors instead of 5
< extra wires in tether for manipulator arm


I've always wondered why don't people use hobby grade rc aircraft or rc car transmitters and receivers as their control system. It would be easier and eliminate the cause for tether cable.

You could use a single wire as an antenna and connect that to the reciever. Thought running through mind......

2.0, it's almost done. Just need to install relays and thrusters.


oh. Maybe a long wire connected to the antenna and into the rov would work. It would still have a tether, but would eliminate the use of custom contols.

well, even the pros use a tether. It helps if you lose power or something along those lines. But it also has a cost to get the line/ wire . (Cat 5 ,16 gauge)