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How to make coughing powder that will effect animals. Answered

I have always wanted to make a coughing powder that could be thrown into the air and would make animals (who breathed it in) cough like crazy so they will be distracted while I escape . How could I make something like this but have it not be toxic to my subjects? Another things is a question on how I would deploy it. I don't want to use a straw or anything small, but something that would distribute it amounts large enough to distract a bear. By the way I was looking for ingredients from home.



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Some pranks can be deadly. This is one... so don't do it. I am sure you had good intentions. I heard of one student that squirted a liquid into a teachers coffee cup. They thought the teacher would just spit it out ... or something ... and it would be "funny." The liquid was un-intentionally poisionous and the teacher had kidney failure or liver-failure ( i forget which) and died. Many people have asthma and your idea might trigger an attack of asthma.

Light-up a cigarette, that usually works...


I do not smoke. I can not stand cigars what so ever.

I meant that when people do, others around them usually start coughing...


I'd love to answer this question, but I'm afraid I'd be arrested.

Hi all,

Ok, I think I did not explain myself well enough. This is not to be used on humans at all. Since I do much hiking in the back woods I like to carry a weapon around with me to protect myself against bears and other animals. Bear spray is much to expensive for myself and I find that it only distracts the animal for a small amount of time. Knives are just too darn hard to use when you are looking at a 900 lb bear and guns...well I am too young to use those. So, I thought that if there was a way to make a coughing powder that could be ejected into the animals face then I might just have a chance to escape before the animal attacks me.

I do not want you to be under the impression that I am some criminal, just a hiker who does not want to be in the risk of getting killed!

Its a bad idea, and i would advise not doing it unless its to your friends who have a good sense of humor, or to yourself. There is a way, though its most likely not what your looking for, and if you DO decide to do it, you do it at YOUR OWN RISK.

That said, cayan pepper that is vaporized (i.e the product of steam) can cause you to cough. Keep in mind that oleresin capsicum (an extract of the cyan plant, and the main ingrediant to pepper spray) is a fealony to use in any manner other then self defense. Its the most potent, least harmful thing you can use. Boiling it or vaporizing it would disperse it, though not quickly.

There is a cheap way to vaporize it, but I will leave that up to you to research on your own.

If you do decide to go through with this, I advise testing it on yourself first, so you know what it can do to someone. It may not be as funny of a prank as you think.

Flat-out no. There is NO such thing as a 100% harmless compound that will trigger coughing. This is a terrible idea for that reason only.

There are many many close-to-harmless compounds that trigger coughing, however anything that will trigger that response will do some damage. Even with the most harmless one I can Imagine, if the dose is too high, you could cause serious problems.

This is the word from an M.D. who specializes in lungs.


7 years ago

That sounds like a terrible idea. Don't do it. Find a less harmful prank.

You may want to do some research on your own, starting with the Cornell law library (look up "felony assault").

Whereas I can think of many things that would make you cough - I can't think of any situation where a) i would want to b) It could be done with a real guarantee of safety.

The simple answer is that you can't guarantee safety. Consider the possibility that one of your victims might be asthmatic, and your annoyance might trigger an attack; that could be life-threatening.