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How i can make prism? Answered

I want make prism of window glass 2mm . After cut glass side became not smooth. How can i polish side of prism?



OK!! Thank you for advises!!
Well, i want get a dispersion of light with small prism? Yes, it could be a prism about 2mm or 3mm on a side. I think that water triangle will bigget then glass prism, no?

The edged of the glass can be ground with wet and dry paper - the same stuff people use to remove the paint on cars.

Wear eye protection and protect your fingers GLASS IS SHARPE.

You don't need to flatten the edges as long as you can make a seal to produce a 3 sided tube - then fill with water .

Easier to recover a professional prism from a pair of binoculars or an old scanner or photocopier.

Plastic Prisms can be found fairly cheaply.

You're making a glass-sided triangle and filling it with liquid, or something else?


Polishing glass is like polishing anything else: a lot of time going through progressively finer abrasives to get progressively finer scratches. Or you could try fire-polishing it, if you have a torch that will reach sufficiently high temperatures to melt this glass... that will certainly make the surface smoother but may not leave you with a _straight_ edge, especially anything that tiny.

Alternative idea: Make a triangular glass container, fill it with water or other high-refractive-index liquid?

Are we talking about a little tiny prism, 2mm on a side ?


7 years ago

You'd need a special motorized polishing machine, with multiple diamond wheels.

Unless, someone can suggest a better way?