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How is bamboo turned into boards and other "flat" products? Answered

I am curious about the process used to turn bamboo stalks into flat boards (such as bamboo flooring and cutting boards). What is the process, how difficult is it to do on your own?


I think they boil it, then glue it into boards.

Depends on the kind of board you are looking for. Some split the bamboo into strips length wise and laminate those strips together into a board. Others they will split it and flatten the sections. Steaming the pieces makes them supple enough to flatten out. Some time they are stripped down and planed into thin strips and used as a veneer. You can find all sorts of videos covering making bamboo items.

It is easy bamboo is a grass and it grows fast depending on the species up to 150 feet in a year.

These larger bamboos have stalks over a foot in diameter and sides over an inch thick.

Just cut it down split it like a cord of wood and run it through a plainer and there you have it bamboo parkay.