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How is this is going to work? Answered

Well, I guess once we have enough members, we will go to every instructable once, and go through all comments to check for the right spelling. Any other things, we should know about?


if the grammar police talk to me, i will bash them with misspellings and incorrect punctuation

How would that be out of the ordinary?

I say keep it fun! There are people on this site for whom English is a second (or third) language. There are some younger kids that need to develope better grammar habits. There are a few of us long-winded guys that can't help but write in run-on sentences, and us slow guys whu spel pourly, and a few of us ain't got real good grammar. Just be polite in the way you approach it. There's no point in running-off an up-and-coming iBler for a few typos!

I second that motion. =P

:P...so does that mean you gramatically second the motion and so i have to third the motion, or do i re-second the motion, automatically making you third the motion? :P

(slaps forehead) I was correcting your grammar. =P

i see...do you wish to third the motion?

they forgot the apostrophe before 'tis in the preloader.

'tis missin a '

you forgot the g in the word missing.

i believe the g is missing

ZOMG!!!!!i love that songggg! :P

I think the most fun will come from attacking each other. See my recent posts (one of which only got through to the "offbeat forum" for examples :-)

By the way, did you graduate from the Dan Quayle school of suffixes? develope

Besides, where's the fun in being a jack-booted thug if you don't get to beat up on the women and children?

. I say you're both right. It's certainly a blast to make fun of Kiteman (and others who have shown themselves to be reasonably proficient) when he makes a typo or mangles a verb tense, but I try to take it easy on those who don't have English as their first language (or just ignore if they are able to get their meaning across). Younglings who don't even make an effort are fair game. :)

I agree, lack of effort is inexcusable. ****Makes mental note: Go home. Beat Skunkbait Jr. and Skunkpunk. Give lecture about not using texting tactics in real world applications. Yell at Mrs. Skunkbait for not teaching the kids better. Take aspirin for headache from repeated head-strikes from Mrs. Skunkbait.****

I'm a big fan of "alternative spelling" as long as it makes sense. I have dealt too much in other languages to care a lot about standard spelling. But yeah, Dan and I both spell it "potatoe". It's ok to be a jack-booted grammar thug, as long as it's all in good fun. I just hate to make anyone feel genuinely bad about their (lack of) language skills.

"Any other things, we should know about?"

Commas. They aren't decoration :-) Use them when you need them, otherwise leave them out.

I do hope we all know this is the hazard of being a Grammar Policebot....

. Ruht-roh! I'm sure the Comma SS would have a field day with my posts.


9 years ago

I joined, don't worry, now it will all go very well. ;-]


You want to spell-check every instructable on the site?!

That really is like the nazis!

"You vill spell correctly-or else."

Every instructable? Isn't that sort of overkill?

Crap. The the title is misspelled.