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How long does it take spray paint to dry out? Answered

Heya! I have a bunch of spray paint sitting at home from former crafts I used to do. I haven't used it in a year, and it is unlikely that I'll be moving back to the states anytime soon to use it. The first question is: how long does it take for spray paint to dry out? The second question is: do you know of anywhere I could donate it (if it is still good)? Preferably in the Bay Area?

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Goodhart (author)2009-02-23

If you mean, will it dry while still in the can, no it shouldn't however as 11010010110 wrote, if the nozzle was not cleared before storage, it may well be clogged. If so, soaking it in a solvent may clear it (unless it is a water based paint).

Some metallic paints may settle and create a rather hard to shake up glob in the bottom of the can, but shaking the can for an extra few minutes should remedy that also.

If the can leaked even a little, so that the contents were to dry, the pressure would be released and no propellant would be left in the can to get the paint out, whether it dried or not.

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11010010110 (author)2009-01-05

does it dry out at all ? (exept for clogged sprayer) there is no air inside and the contents are under high pressure which i think prevents too much evaporation

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