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How make crank to spin a pipe? Answered

Hello, i want to make a costume of the Guru-Guru from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time ( http://www.zeldauniverse.net/images/games/oos/characters/guruguru.png )
And I want a crank that's on the front casing rotate the pipe that is in the other box, maybe something passing through the pipe that connects the two boxes, but I dont know how I could do it, anyone have any idea?


Depending on your duty and length requirement,you have a range of options in the flexible shaft dept, ranging from bigger ones designed for drills to speedometer shafts for cars, trucks and motorbikes, bikes shafts from the scrapyard will be easiest to aquire and have a 5mm square shaft both ends.


I like Rick's idea of a flexible drive shaft, and this made me think: There exists a plumbing tool called a "drain snake" which is essentially this. At least one style comes with a crank already part of it, like the one in the attached image.

The drain snake, and also pipes and conduit, fittings, etc, are sold in many of Earth's finer hardware stores and plumberterias.


Use a flexible drive through the pipe.