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How many CC should a Moped have? Answered

I am currently working on building a Moped id like to post as an instructable if i manage to finish it. I am currently trying to find an engine for it. The only problem i am having is selecting the correct power. In my state, the legal limit is 2 horsepower 50 cc. However, I am 150 pounds and Id like a little more info on how to choose the correct cc. I dont know what someone my weight would need for power. The speed limit on mopeds here is 30 mph. Thank you for any help!


50cc and 2hp is plenty enough, and should get you to 30mph pretty easily.

Yeah..I know thats plenty but im having trouble finding that exactly on the cheap..im trying to find out what the smallest hp and cc that would work is. So if i knew that anything less then lets say 25 wouldnt work well, then id find somethin from 25-50 and be happy with it. I dont want to grab something to weak.

well this just goes with your budget: get as much as you can afford. as long as it's above 25cc you should be alright, I have seen many people that can get 20mph out of a 25cc weedwacker on a bike. If you gear it right I would think that you might be able to coax 30mph out of it, but it might be difficult. I would shoot in the 40-50cc range personally.

. NachoDaughter had a small motorcycle with a 50cc engine that would get her over 40 mph. But she didn't weigh but about 100 pounds at the time.

hmm thank you for the response..im starting to beleive anything lower then 40 wont work to well