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How many cut white rods is too many to use in a knex gun?? Answered

Hi everyone, The question is how many cut white rods is too many for a knex gun?? I'll have to use a few but don't want to use too many. Thanks for your opinion BTW: I will give out best answer. KSC


to be honost, that is up to you. some questions that go through my mind when i am cutting whites (my sniper) include: 1. do i have enough to make it seem as if i am not losing any? 2. will the loss trouble me in the future? (not enough normal white rods) 3. will cutting the rods be worth it? these questions will determine whether or not it is worth cuttign the rods or not. if you asked my opinion, then i would say that it doesn't matter for me as long as it is not over 6 because if it is, then the gun is not worth it in my mind. ther are many guns that don't require broken pieces to be totally beastly. now knowing how many pieces you have, i would say that you should not break over 15 because you are one of thos knexers that is able to build multiple huge guns at once, meaning that you may encounter guns that require broken whites. i only brake the whites in the vital places. which brings me to another question: is there any way that i can work around it? this way if i find a way, then i save myself the trouble of breaking pieces, and i still get the outcome that i want. overall, the choice is yours, think about it, and what you decide will always be right! Hope this helped! :)

No, Cut already broken or bent (beyond repair) Orange/Grey, Red/Metallic green or if you are really desperate Yellow/Granite. (I have never had a broken Yellow/Granite before.

1 cut rod is too many. Stretch your innovation out and find a way to build it without cut rods.

but is comfort higher than innovation? the user should be comfortable in order because if not they would be in pain using the guns...?

Guns aren't built really for comfort, they're built to get the job done.

The job of being to eliminate any hostile beings that are keeping the mission from progressing.

 I was thinking about what you said before. Doesn't Bob get the job done? You know, Bob the builder. Google it. Bob the builder can he fix it? Bob the Builder yes he can! He gets the job done. In a parody he's a mafia member and he really does kill people.

id have to disagree with u there on the one is too many statement

One cut rod is too many in a gun, its a rare thing and it usually leaves you a rod you wont be able to use again.


8 years ago

It depends. A innovator that is good with engineering in K'NEX will try to find a way around it. No offense, but i don't think that you could find a way around it. Also if I have as many pieces as you do, i would be fine with cutting 20 or 30. Though i doubt a gun uses that many. I myself with my quantity of pieces would be fine with cutting 10-15.

im not big on cut parts i think its up to the builder i have like 12 cut whites

I can use my broken rods and cut them to 3 slots long.

I think that if you need something that can hold two connectors, and you need a clippy thing at he end of it, then use a green connector, the ones that go from normal pieces to micro. Or you can always sacrafice other pieces. I used a yellow once, because I always use whites, and need them, but almost never use yellows.

Personal opinion. I think it shouldnt use more than 4 cuts.