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How many different things can a single Arduino control independently? Answered

By they way I'm VERY new to this, but could it control up to three DC motors, some LED's and maybe a few more devices? Or would it take more than one?
Also, if it is possible, is there any reading on the subject you could recommend? 
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re-design (author)2010-03-17

Using electronic switches and separate power supplies for the controlled stuff, you will be able to run an unlimited amount of things.

In effect you would be just using the arduino to turn thing on and off at the correct time.

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Jayefuu (author)2010-03-17

Yes it can handle those. Like ZeroGX said though, you might struggle with the current, depending on the motors of course.

www.arduino.cc is the best place the learn ANYTHING about arduinos. They have tonnes of documentation and tutorials. I think I've seen one on using motors with transistors there before.

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gmxx (author)2010-03-16

 processing wise, the arduino should be able to handle 3 dc motors, some leds, and a sensor or two. maybe more, but not a limit youre going to hit. you might have issues sourcing enough current to run all of that through the arduino power chips and circuitry.

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