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How many milliamps are pulled by wii motion plus? Answered

I'm using usb to power a network of devices for my next project. I'm not sure if my usb port can supply enough current for it. So how much does it pull? I'd like to have worst-case current. Maybe someone could do a quick test? :)


USB will offer more then enough amperage. Just keep in mind that USB offers 5V and the Wii Motion Plus uses only 3V.

I don't think you understand. I'm trying to have many devices share power from the USB port. And to do that I need the current draw for each. And I have found all of them except the wii motion plus.

The Wii Motion plus uses a IDG-600 multi-axis MEMS rate gyroscope. While i couldn't find a data sheet for that particular part i did find one for there IDG-300 dual axis gyroscope. I mentions a max current draw of only 9.5 mA. Thats a dual axis gyro while the Wii Motion uses a 6 Axis. So to be safe lets triple the max current draw and round up and call it at 30 mA.