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How many mini loafs will I get from 1 single pumpkin bread recipe?How long to I bake? Answered

I'm wanting to make mini loafs (6inx3.7x2in) pans of bread please advise on how many loaf pans to purchase and how long to cook?

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bajablue (author)2012-12-08

Depending on the regular loaf size and the mini size, I'd say you'll need 2-4 mini pans.

Fill the pans just as you would fill a regular loaf pan, about 2/3.

Bake at the same temperature. Just keep and eye on the mini loaves as they will cook in much less time. I'd do a toothpick test after 20 minutes, unless they are obviously not done .

You shouldn't have any trouble, but good luck anyway. ;-)

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rickharris (author)2012-12-08

1/2 pound Dough will make about 4 mini loves enjoy

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steveastrouk (author)2012-12-08

This question really ought to be asked in the comments below the original 'Ible, Most authors will respond to comments there.

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