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How many noobs have you pwned Answered

Are you good a pwning noobs this is a fourum to list the number of noob pwnages you have in every videogame combined. I have 1000 noob pwnages


2365, I mark my gun in black ops like mustang and sally. Also, I play with my friends alot, so that counts as about 2364.5 though.

Whoever can pwn Kiteman is the ULTIMATE PWNAGE. Unfortunately, I have nowhere near that status.

 I could pwn kiteman in halo 3.

(Consults online translator)

My mere existence pwns you entirely. I own you and all your pwnage.

Now, I believe you owe me a cookie?

I try to deny cookies wherever possible, and delete them as soon as I can otherwise.

There is, of course, only one way to delete chocolate chip cookies.... ;-)

Under Preferences... select Remove Cookies and click the Nom nom button multiple times :-)

Mr. Norris wannabe, this is what we call a


That's what I get for trying to learn a new language!

RS was supporting you :-) The BURN applies to El Chucko, the "Mr. Norris wannabe"

You done good!


9 years ago

Infinity. x10. Plus 1000.

0 i play in real life