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How many people on the internet at one time? Answered

Is it possible to see how many people are on the internet at a time, or on one website at a time?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Right now, 114 million.

Okay, that's a guesstimate. I couldn't find good numbers for world time of 'net use.

According to this there are 1.67 billion people on the planet (plus three on the space station) who use the Internet. Googling around I couldn't find any hard, current numbers but it looks like people spend between 5-18 hours on the internet in a given week. Average that and get 11.5 hours a week, or 6.85% of the week. So on average (again) at any point in a week 6.5% of available people will be online. 6.85% of 1.67B is 114,228,000.

There are problems with this math (averaging things I probably shouldn't and assuming weekly internet use patters are consistent, and a bunch of other stuff) but it's a number. Try changing the values and see how the results change.

I like your math good sir, thank you for your imput.

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Depends on how you define "the internet". There are many different uses of the Internet. There are many subnets/local nets which are connected directly or indirectly, and which can access the Internet backbone but which don't necessarily have IP addresses, or even ports, for each user. There are a lot of machines which don't have single users, and others which have many users. Then there's the question of how you define "at one time". Do you mean actually having packets in transit, or having a TCP session open (not all traffic is TCP), or simply having the user doing something that will send data through the Internet or looking at data retrieved from the Internet? The simple answer is that there is no simple answer.

Great question.

A simmilar question would be "how many webpages are there on the internet?" - ofcourse there are infinite pages, because many pages are generated automatically by a server in response to a request.

No idea how to measure the number of users though, even if you just mean people physically sitting at a keyboard at that moment.

Way too many.