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How many people still use a darkroom? Answered

I've been posting a lot of instructables on how to do certain photography techniques and tips, but they're all related to digital photography.  Is there anyone who's interested in analogue photography and darkroom proccesses?  I'm trying to get back into developing my own film and such, and I figure why not do a few instructables as I go.  I'm just curious to see if anyone would actually be interested in that.  Here's one I've already published, so let me know.



I love using the darkroom. I've just moved house though and have no room for all my stuff, it's incredibly frustrating.



I still use mine. As I feel that B&W is more "emotional", I develop and print my own work, and find a ready market among my friends for doing their projects.

These are a couple I have done recently;

I would love to see more instructables on film, there are a ton on digital but not near as many on film. i use nothing but film 'cause i can't afford a dslr. and keep 'em coming on darkroom information, i don't have one yet but hope to someday, so I might as well learn now. Thank you for all that you've wrote thus far. i really appreciate it and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thanks again.