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How much MORE would you pay for a old car that had a nice, clean and detailed interior? Answered

Trying to sell a car $500 for a ford falcon GLi, dirty interior. how much MORE would u pay for a good interior, fully detailed?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Double. We buy, use, then sell cars at auction all the time - and people will buy a used car 'at use value' when its dirty, but they will buy at 'wow' factor when its clean, shiny, polished etc. Clean it, make people buying it think - "this is obviously well-taken-care-of" and "I want THIS one" compared to the crap next to it.

Thanks for u are question but havent a car so it will be difficut answer your question

. As a rule of thumb, the cleaner it is the more it is worth to a buyer. . Is the interior still in good shape or will a good cleaning just make the oil and grease stains more noticeable? If it's in good shape, detailing will probably be worth the time/effort/money. But then, even if you add 10% to the value of a $500 car, you haven't gained a whole lot.

interior is in bad shape. trim is falling off etc. i was planning on repairing this but if it isnt going to pay off the cost of repairs i wont do it

Even if stuff is BROKEN, if its clean, and shiny, and broken, people will apply a higher value to it.

. See if you can find out how much the parts are going to cost, find out how much GLi's sell for in your area, and go from there. Unless you can locate cheap parts (you'll probably need some special tools, too), can do the repairs yourself, &c; it's probably not going to be worthwhile.