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How much are LED's and i want 1000 pack of them for cheap? Answered

My project is building a Christmas light display with the computerized light show, i want different Colors of it


No E bay isn't. Try the led shoppe. You can get 1000 red 5mm LED's for $10.

ya, they do have limited variations though, but they have free shipping! That saves me like $50 every time I order. Another good place is electronic goldmine. They are a bit more expensive but they have everything you can imagine: surface mount, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, a giant 20mm, UV, IR, RGB color changing, RGB common cathode, square and rectangular, bargraphs, dot matrix, and some other random ones.

"8000mcd 5mm Red LED Quantity : 1000pcs Regular price: $25.00" Still the best deal I've ever seen, but your quote of off by a factor of 2.5... And they only get more expensive from there. Just the facts mahm. :D I like this store though!

They must have been on sale when I was there or I wasn't paying attention.

Plus LED shoppe has no shipping taxes and they are faster then E bay.

I had a poke about at Mouser - click link for example :
1x $0.148 ea
10x $0.127 ea
100x $0.105 ea
500x $0.085 ea


eBay is the cheapest place to find LEDs in quantities. They will come from China or Hong kong, so it will take about 3 weeks to get them. What type power supply do you plan to use?